Hypno HITT...

So you’ve done HypnoBirthing before but need a refresher? You just want the HypnoBirthing essentials and not the rest? Or maybe you have just found me and time is of the essence as your due date creeps up?

I’ve got you covered!

Hypno HITT is a one day course lasting around 5 hours with refreshments included! It will include the 5 main components of Hypnobirthing and your all important breathing techniques with a sprinkle of birth physiology to really deepen your understanding. You will receive your Hypnobirthing workbook and access to my on-line learning platform with all your affirmations, Hypnobirthing tracks and other resources.

This will be delivered face to face in either a small group setting in my well-being hub in Dungannon (booking can be done through the booking form tab on my website) or as a one to one. (To request a a one to one booking please email me on: info@the-mummy-mentor.co.uk or use the contact form.) options for zoom available in a one to one capacity also.

The option to add the second day of the full Mummy Mentor course will be available if you later decide and numbers and availability permits.

The investment for the group is £100 and a deposit will secure your place. The investment to do this as a one to one is £200 and a deposit will secure your place.

Disclaimer: In booking on one of The Mummy Mentor’s courses you are agreeing that you in no way will hold your instructor responsible for any special circumstances that could arise as a result of your pregnancy, labour and birth. HypnoBirthing is never a replacement for medical advice. Any concerns need to be addressed with your healthcare provider.

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